Earth Pageants Inc understand the importance of not only giving back to the communities that need it most but also partnering with organizations that educate the public on the importance of protecting our earth. For these reasons, we have adopted World Missions Outreach as our Official Charity and Climate Reality Leadership Corps as our Official Leadership Program.


World Mission Outreach focuses on providing a hand up, not just a hand out. Our mission is to end the generational cycle of poverty through education. We provide trade skill classes to equip our students with the tools to bring food to the table and a career for their future. Every student is provided education in learning the English, computer skills & agricultural.

-Provide 15,000 Children a Daily Meal
-Provide 5.4 Million Meals a Year
-Founded & Operate 3 Schools

-Founded & Partner with 70 Churches

-Facilitate 70 Feeding Programs 
-Host & Accommodate Mission Teams

-Link Children with Dedicated Sponsors  
-Community Outreach Ministry
-Medical and Dental Clinics
-Provide Trade-skill & Self-sustainability Education

-English & Technology Education Curriculums

-Agriculture Education & Crop Production
-Provide Education Scholarships for College Students

-Pastoral Community Coalition Ministry 

As our Official Charity WMO will receive 30% of the money raised during "Charitable Giving" event. To find out more about WMO or to get involved



The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global network of activists committed to spreading awareness of the climate crisis and working for solutions to the greatest challenge of our time.

The program takes great leaders and makes them exceptional, providing training in climate science, communications and organizing in order to better tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to take action. The result is a dynamic group of world-changers shaping the conversation on climate in forums from family dinners to international summits and building a twenty-first century movement for solutions.

You know our climate is changing. You want to make a difference. We’ll show you how. Join us for a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training and work with former US Vice President Al Gore and renowned climate scientists and communicators to learn about what’s happening to our planet and how you can use social media, powerful storytelling, and personal outreach to inspire audiences to take action. Give us three days. We’ll give you the tools to change the world.

To find out about the next Climate Reality Leader Training visit:


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