Mrs. ECO®, Ms. ECO® and Teen ECO® Pageants is an International pageant system with an Environmental platform for women around the world. We pride ourselves on being a woman owned and operated organization. Throughout the year our titleholders will be advocates for environmental organizations and brand ambassadors for environmental friendly products around the world.  While attending the International Finals each delegate will attend press conferences, charities events, environmental seminars, team building & women empowerment sessions. This dazzling experience will be entertaining for everyone who participates. The Mrs. ECO®, Ms. ECO® and Teen ECO® titles will change the life of three very lucky women. Mrs. ECO®, Ms. ECO® and Teen ECO® will win thousands of dollars in cash, prizes and the opportunity to be an international ambassador for mother earth. 

Our mission is to bring women together who have a love for pageantry  and passion for preserving our Mother Earth. Allowing women a larger platform/voice to fulfill their goals of making a positive impact on not just her community but the Earth. We  provide a forum that celebrates and rewards women for their outstanding accomplishments and achievements in the pageant and environmental sectors. Our signature "Empower Hour" allows women to step out of competition mode and share their unique life experiences with the rest of the delegate, which we feel helps build lifelong friendships!

 Note from the Director


Making the decision to create the first true International "Environmental" Platform Competition for TEEN, MS & MRS was a decision that took lots of thought within myself and also consulting pageant industry professionals.


After years of experiencing systems with broken promises, disorganized events and no director support; I decided it's time to change the game for Teen, Ms, Mrs contestants!  


Knowing that I now solely have the opportunity to make others dreams come true is a responsibility I do not take lightly! I understand the dedication, money and sacrifices every one of you will make to compete. It is my vow to work just as hard to make this event the best you've ever attended, through excellent customer service, hiring the industry's best, being transparent and providing the best opportunities possible! I look forward to serving all of you!  


With Love & Gratitude

Kristin Chucci

A graduate of Miami International University of Art & Design and veteran of United States Air Force, Kristin has been involved in modeling and pageantry for over a decade. 

 In 2017 she represented the United States when crowned Ms Earth in Las Vegas. At 25 she ranked Top 5 at Miss West Virginia USA and has held the International Title of Ms Earth.  Throughout the years she has modeled for various Pageantry, Swimwear & Ready-to-wear designers and been featured in Pageantry magazines. A physical, mental & sexual abuse surviver Kristin has used her pageantry platform to share her story and help others overcome their daily struggles. 

 An avid traveler & definition of a globetrotter, Kristin has visited over 40 countries. She believes traveling is the purest way of enriching ones life. Through her travels she's discovered many things about herself,  our planet and the people that inhabit our earth. Giving back to communities that have enriched her journeys has been the most gratifying part of traveling and life in general. 

Living in Miami Beach has allowed Kristin to learn first hand the importance of preserving our earth; she has spent years working with local environmental organizations and speaking to audiences around the nation. 

Kristin currently holds a Florida Real Estate License, is the author of The Original Pageantista a guide book & is a Motivational Speaker.  In her free time she enjoys painting and spending time in the outdoors & traveling the world.  

Kristin Chucci 
Founder & International Director of Teen ECO | Ms ECO | Mrs ECO International 
Owner of Earth Pageants Inc


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